2017 Camp Good Shepherd

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2017 Session Dates:


CGS - Virginia -

Sunday, July 2nd – Saturday, July 8th



CGS - Chesapeake (Baltimore) -

Sunday, July 17th – Saturday, July 21st




CGS - New Jersey:

JOY – Sunday, July 9th – Saturday, July 15th

GOYA Week I – Sunday, July 16th – Saturday, July 22nd

GOYA Week II – Sunday, July 23rd – Saturday, July 29th



*Holdover campers registered for the two sessions GOYA Week I and GOYA Week II must check-out as normal on Saturday, July 22 and check-in Sunday, July 23. Holdover campers must make accommodations off-site! There are no exceptions.




2017 CGS Camp Directors:



Assistant Camp Director/Program Director:

Alexia Lekkas,









         We Want you for Camp Good Shepherd 2016!

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Camp Good Shepherd is the Metropolis youth camp which aims to enrich the lives of its participants with a living, vibrant experience of Greek Orthodox Christianity and a rich, textured immersion into their Orthodox faith and culture. The Camp Good Shepherd program serves the Orthodox Christian youth of the Metropolis of New Jersey and it’s aim is to bond the youth of the Metropolis to the Holy Orthodox faith by fostering within them a life-long appreciation of Orthodoxy. The vision of Camp Good Shepherd is to present young adults with all aspects of the Orthodox faith and Hellenism through total immersion by fellowship, education and fun activities.The Orthodox faith is at the heart of the Camp Good Shepherd program. Each day begins and ends at the chapel, with morning and evening prayers. Daily life at Camp Good Shepherd includes many traditional summer camp activities that emphasize fun, fellowship, and learning. Campers engage in daily sessions of Arts and Crafts, Aquatics, Athletics, Music and Greek Culture, and Orthodox Life. The overall goal of the Camp is to instill in the child an understanding of the Orthodox faith while embracing the life of the Church and developing deep relationships with peers their own age.    



For more information please contact the Metropolis Youth Office at 908.301.0500 or dnphilotheos@nj.goarch.org.