Youth Commissioners

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           Metropolis Youth Commission




Each region of the Metropolis has a Youth Commissioner, and at least one Assistant Youth Commissioner. The Youth Commissioners, Assistants and the Metropolis of New Jersey Youth Director constitute the Metropolis of New Jersey Youth Commission.  Each Youth Commissioner, along with his assistant, is responsible for overseeing the youth activities in their respective regions. The Metropolis of New Jersey Youth By-Laws contain all of the information regarding the Metropolis Youth Commission and the role of the Commissioners.  The members of the Metropolis Youth Commission are:



Metropolis Youth Commissioner:  Rev. Protopresybter Kosmas Karavellas


Regional Commissioners:

     Northern New Jersey: Rev. Economos John Theodosion, Commissioner

                                     Rev. Economos Panagiotis Lekkas, District 1

                                     Rev. Economos Peter Delvizis, District 2


     Delaware Valley:  Rev. Economos Anastasios Bourantas, Commissioner

                               Rev. Presbyter Peter Thornberg, Assistant Commissioner


     Maryland:  Rev. Protopresbyter Kosmas Karavellas, Commissioner

                     Rev. Constantine Moralis, Assistant Commissioner


     Virginia:  Rev. Protopresbyter Constantine Pavlakos, Commissioner 

                    Rev. John Manuel, Assistant Commissioner