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  • Celebratory Hierarchal Divine Liturgy in Honor of His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew's 25th Anniversary as Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople: Encyclical

  • 2017 Hellenic Folk Dance Festival - Complete Packet : January 13-15

  • Encyclical for the Elevation of the Venerable & Life-Giving Cross  ΕΛ - EN

  • New Ecclesiastical Year Encyclical ΕΛ - EN

  • Kimisis/Falling Asleep of the Theotokos Encyclical ΕΛ - EN

  • Transfiguration Encyclical of Metropolitan Evangelos ΕΛ - EN

  • Pentecost Encyclical of Metropolitan Evangelos ΕΛ - EN

  • Mother's Day: Encyclical ΕΛ - EN

  • Metropolitan Evangelos' Paschal Encyclicals ΕΛ - EN

  • Annunciation of the Theotokos Encyclicas ΕΛ - EN

  • Camp Good Shepherd: MEDIA ADVISORY

  • Encyclical for the Sunday of Orthodoxy ΕΛ - EN

  • Encyclical for Holy and Great Lent  ΕΛ - EN

  • 2016 Metropolis of New Jersey Clergy Laity Assembly:  May 16-17, 2016



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